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After 10 years on the road and more than 1,000 concerts in Europe with the team « They're Red Hot / Femme Fatale  », a band of original music, Bruno, alias « MisterFuzzyB », made his old dream come true and decided to go solo.

In 2018, his first album «Chapter One » came out under the label Xplose Music. On this album, he sang, played all the instruments and did the recording, mixing and mastering in his own studio, the « MFB Recording Studio ».

The result is a surprising mix of Dark Rock and Funk.

In October 2021, his second album « Pain & Euphoria » came out under M&O Music Label.

From then on, his style wandered between Power Pop Rock and Hard Rock, and he continued to do everything.

This album is definitely more mature, and the music tracks are outstanding.

Finally, his third and probably best album, « Back to the Living », comes out in spring 2023.
 It refers to his victorious battles over his addictions. That is why he chose to illustrate the album cover with a symbolic painting of the 12th century « Phoenix Rising from its Ashes ».

has brought a real freshness to the songs.
 More polished and meticulously thought and worked, « Back to the Living » is definitely « Fusion Power Pop Rock and Funk », and even sometimes Metal oriented!

Last but not least, the artist created his own label « MFB Produtions », in order to promote the album and its release.

Musical news

Single : Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)

Sortie le 13 mai 2024

Single : Love Is A Journey

Sortie le 19 février 2024

Back to the Living



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Back to the Living

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